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Locating the artist in cultural leadership

April 13, 2015


Locating the artist in cultural leadership.  Wednesday 15th April, 1-3pm H303 I would like to use Wednesday’s DART session to test and (hopefully) extend some thinking in progress.  Specifically, I’m looking at the relationship between the concepts of the ‘Artist as Leader’ and ‘cultural leadership’, and I’d like to try out with the group a […]

Merlyn Riggs in conversation with Adele Patrick, Dunja Kukovec and Sinéad O Donnell Dunn

March 12, 2015


Saturday, March 21st 2015,  17 Belmont Street This month the D.A.R.T has worked in collaboration with SCAN (Scottish Contemporary Art Network) to present an off campus research session. This second event in the SCAN series inviting the research community to afternoon tea in Seventeen Belmont Street. The event will explore alternative strategies for curating and organizing in contemporary art […]

How Images Actually Work: Settling a Longstanding Debate

March 11, 2015


Wednesday 18th March, 1.00pm-3.00pm, SB01, Scott Sutherland Building Led by Jim Hamlyn with guest Professor Ken Neil How do depictive images actually work? Do they simply resemble the things they represent and if so, then in what respects do they resemble these things and to what degree? Do we suspend our disbelief whilst indulging the […]

Owning Failure: can the concept of failure redefine success?

February 18, 2015


Wednesday 18th February 2015, 3.00 – 5.00 pm, SBO1, Scott Sutherland building Chris Fremantle and Gemma Kearney, Design in Action, will present highlights of their recent paper presented ay iJade conference, October 2014 and published by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Owning Failure: can the concept of failure redefine success sets out with some analysis of […]

Different ways of knowing

December 13, 2014


Saturday 13th December 2014, 2.00-4.30pm, Aberdeen Art Gallery This month the D.A.R.T has worked in collaboration with SCAN (Scottish Contemporary Art Network) to present an off campus research session. David Blyth will speak to social anthropologist Petra Tjitske Kalshoven exploring her research into different genealogies of knowledge and London based artist Alana Jelinek who has just […]

Critical Design Ethnography

November 12, 2014


Wednesday 12th November, 2014, 2-4pm, SB05 (Scott Sutherland) This DART session will focus on social design research and its relation to ethnographic methods. As a relatively new field, social design defines design-based activities addressing social issues rather than pursuing predominantly profit-oriented objectives. In the past, designers borrowed a few methods (and little theory) from social sciences to develop […]