An exploration of experience and value within a multidisciplinary collaborative design process

Posted on May 15, 2014


Wednesday 15th May, 2014, 2-4pm, G408, Central Services building

Leigh-Anne Hepburn will present an overview of her research, facilitating a discussion that explores the role of experience and value within a collaborative design process. How does previous experience shape the way we engage?  In what ways do personal motivation, inequality and understanding of design influence the process of collaboration?  How do we attribute value within a collaborative process?  The session will also provide a forum for discussion and an opportunity to share experiences to help inform future research.

Leigh-Anne drawn on Henri Lefebvre’ The Production of Space. Lefebvre argues space is not simply ‘there’ as a neutral container waiting to be filled but is rather a social product, a dynamic and humanly constructed means of control and domination of power.  He contents that social relations exists only in and through space, they have no reality outside the sites in which they are lived, experienced and practiced (Lefebvre, 1991).

Leigh-Anne Hepburn is currently a PhD Researcher on Design in Action programme, a Knowledge Exchange Hub funded by AHRC. She is based in Gray’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University.

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