Meaning(less)meanings terms too loud to hear in art and design discourse

Posted on June 17, 2013


Monday 17th June 20139.30am – 4.30pm, H234, Faculty of Health and Social Care Building, Conference Suite

Meaningless Meanings Participants

Meaningless Meanings Participants

The full day research seminar successfully is held with the following presentations:

An/Aesth/Ethics- Peter Buwert

Design Promotion – What’s Innovation got to do with it? -Melehat Nil Gulari

Inhabiting the Process: A Performative Conversation that Begins with Experience as a way to Generate Shared Meaning- Caroline Gausden and Helen Smith

Community and its discontents: in search if the positive opposite-Jon Price

Community music: a tale of participation, intervention and contested communities- Petra Vergunst

The Private Visual Language of Sub-Cultures: Symbolic Violence in Sportified Culture- Cameron Campbell

No video

Super Dart Summary – Robert Hallsal


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